Client Migration with Biml


Many companies scale out their databases horizontally, partitioning data by customer (or some other identifier) into separate databases or instances. Sometimes, it becomes important to move that data from one database to another. SQL Server Integration Services is a fantastic tool for ETL, but creating and maintaining dozens or hundreds of data flows by hand is exhaustingly tedious. Instead of doing it the hard way, use the BI Markup Language (Biml) to automate package development. This talk will show how we can use metadata tables and Biml to auto-create SSIS packages to migrate data from one database to another, handling foreign key constraints along the way.


No recordings or additional media are available for this talk.


Click here to access demo code for this presentation. This includes a SQL Server Data Tools project, various BIML scripts, and T-SQL scripts

The source code is licensed under the terms offered by the GPL.