PolyBase Revealed

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PolyBase Revealed is the first book-length coverage of Microsoft's PolyBase technology. From the book's description:

Harness the power of PolyBase data virtualization software to make data from a variety of sources easily accessible through SQL queries while using the T-SQL skills you already know and have mastered.

PolyBase Revealed shows you how to use the PolyBase feature of SQL Server 2019 to integrate SQL Server with Azure Blob Storage, Apache Hadoop, other SQL Server instances, Oracle, Cosmos DB, Apache Spark, and more. You will learn how PolyBase can help you reduce storage and other costs by avoiding the need for ETL processes that duplicate data in order to make it accessible from one source. PolyBase makes SQL Server into that one source, and T-SQL is your golden ticket. The book also covers PolyBase scale-out clusters, allowing you to distribute PolyBase queries among several SQL Server instances, thus improving performance.

With great flexibility comes great complexity, and this book shows you where to look when queries fail, complete with coverage of internals, troubleshooting techniques, and where to find more information on obscure cross-platform errors. Data virtualization is a key target for Microsoft with SQL Server 2019. This book will help you keep your skills current, remain relevant, and build new business and career opportunities around Microsoft’s product direction.
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Here are the key topics in the book.

Install and Configure

Learn how to install and configure PolyBase for Windows or Linux.

Azure Blob Storage

Integrate with Azure Blob Storage.


Integrate with Hadoop.

Predicate Pushdown

Learn how Hadoop predicate pushdown works, generating MapReduce jobs along the way.

Common V1 Problems

Fix common problems with PolyBase V1 (Blob Storage and Hadoop).

SQL Server

Integrate with SQL Server.

Oracle and Cosmos DB

Integrate with Oracle, MongoDB, Cosmos DB, and Teradata.

Generic ODBC

Integrate with a variety of additional sources, including Hive, Spark, and even Excel.

Azure SQL DW

Learn how Azure SQL Data Warehouse's version of PolyBase works and how it differs from on-prem.

Dynamic Management Views

Understand the Dynamic Management Views which help us diagnose PolyBase issues.

Query Tuning

Combine statistics and execution plans to learn how to tune PolyBase queries.

PolyBase in Practice

Walk through several great use cases for PolyBase.